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  • i actually have the "amazon apps" version 1.3.8 and i have a lot of favorites and search history that i would love to mantain, but the only way to install the new version is to remove the old one first, is there a way to save the app data externally and then import it back? also, are you planning to update the "amazon apps" version? or at least release a version with the amazon apps signature so i can update directly, thanks
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  • We have an issue with our Amazon account. We can no longer access, and our app isn't listed on the store. We don't know since when this started to happen, we just noticed like a week ago, we never got a notice from Amazon.

    Support page is broken, their forum says is a temporal issue, other developers had the same issue since months ago. For now we can't upload an update to the Amazon Store. We will try to reach support on other means.

    As far I know, the signature should be the same as the one on our website. It should be the same APK.

    Have you tried just installing the APK on your device? Is safe, if it doesn't work it shouldn't affect your current installation. On some devices you need to enable a setting to install apps from unknown sources.

    The Android version still doesn't have anything to export the internal database. The location is provided by the system, so vary between OS versions, and you need root access to get there.

    Sorry for the trouble.
  • I am not the original poster, but simply removing the old Amazon version and installing from the APK destroys your settings, including servers, search history, and favorites. Restoring the app data after the update doesn't work, either.

    My best guess is that Android internally stores the data differently for Amazon versions of the app? Not sure.

  • After analyzing backups taken from both versions, the data is keyed differently on the internal storage when using a backup utility (Helium).

    The old Amazon version is this

    {"packages":[{"label":"Anime boxes","packageName":"com.bisimplex.firebooru","enabled":true,"system":false,"locked":false,"backup":true,"flags":952680004,"versionCode":28,"versionName":"1.3.8","date":1504146867298,"apk":true}]}

    The new version is this

    {"packages":[{"name":"com.bisimplex.firebooru.DroidBooruApplication","label":"Anime boxes","packageName":"com.bisimplex.firebooru","enabled":true,"system":false,"locked":false,"backup":true,"flags":952680004,"versionCode":29,"versionName":"1.3.9","date":1504147746943,"apk":false}]}

    It appears the data is stored differently between the Amazon and Standalone versions (com.bisimplex.firebooru.DroidBooruApplication vs com.bisimplex.firebooru)

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure what can be done about it without root access to a device.
  • We may be able to upload an update to the Amazon AppStore after all. I'll take just a few more days.

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