Broken on Android after the latest update.
  • The app crashes on Android 8 when trying to view images from recent tags or "Browse all".
    Also when trying to switch servers.

    Edit: Trying to search for any tags at all crashes the app.
    Edit 2: The app crashes after viewing 3 images in a row.
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  • Whoops, didn't see the edit button initially.
  • I cannot reproduce this issue, but we didn't tested on this version of Android. We will look into it.
  • I just want to confirm that I was able to reproduce the issue on Android Oreo (using the emulator).

    We already have a possible fix, but since is a sensitive part we are gonna need to test everything again, to be sure the change doesn't affect older versions of Android. It will take a few more days.

  • We finally have a tentative build that should be fix this, we are going to release it on the next couple of days (v1.4.0).
  • Please try v1.4 to see if this fix this issue. Let me know if not, to keep looking for a solution.

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