How can I open external link with this app?
  • Like the title said, how can I open external links, like in chrome browser, and open it with this app?
    Thanks in advance.
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  • On iOS or Android:

    While viewing a post, tap on the "i" button (top right), and then tap on the "Source" or "URL" rows, this should trigger the browser.

    You cannot do this while using the Default server.
  • Sorry for not making myself clear enough. I'm using android version of the app. What I asked is how to open the image link in the web browser with this app.(clicking on the image link and it's auto opened in the app, something like that).
  • If you want to open the URL to the file:

    - While on the viewer, tap on the "i" button to open the Info Panel.
    - Use "long tap" (tap and maintain) over the "Normal image" or "Original image" rows.
    - A "Send link" menu will appear. Chrome should be listed, just tap on it.

  • Sorry for keeping bothering you, but what I want to achieve is contrary to what you suggested. Like I have this link:
    when browsing the Internet using chrome. When I tap the link, I want it to be opened in the app.
  • Oh sorry, I get it now.

    This is not possible right now, is a limitation related to the design of the App and how the Android API works.

    Is true that on some apps can open certain urls, instead of using a Web Browser like Chrome. To achieve this, developers need to add certain configuration to handle urls from a domain or domains.

    The problem is Anime boxes doesn't ship with a predefined list of servers (except for default), the user configure his own. In this case, we cannot add the configuration required, and we cannot modify it at runtime.

    Is not much, but if you want quickly view a certain post, copy the ID from the url

    And then search "id:"

    This should return only one post.

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