How do you install the apk?
  • How do you install the update apk for Android? I've downloaded the file, but when I try to install I get an error : failed to install.
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  • Usually you only need to enable "Unknown Sources" on Settings > Security. This should allow you to install it.

    At the same time, when you try to install it, it should prompt you to enable this, rather than just showing the error.

    By any chance, do you have installed the Amazon Version? It supposed to be compatible with this, but I'm not entire sure.

  • Yes I have the Amazon version. And I have unknown sources enabled . It does let me to choose between new and all. Neither works.
  • The "New" and "All" tabs is just a comparison of the permissions used by the App, is not relevant to the installation.

    I thinking that maybe Amazon did changed something to the APK, and that could be the reason you can't install the version from our site. I'm sure the build on our website has the same name and signature.

    We are currently having issues to access our developer account. We may have been kicked out of the store without notice. I explained a little about it here:

    We still don't have a solution, just wait a few more days.

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