No results on some servers
  • Hello, in these days I've been adding a bunch of servers for... testing purposes, I found out that on some servers I get no results when I search anything, even if I just select "Browse all" which should search with a wild symbol * and list anything on the server.

    I've encountered this issue on different servers, two of them that I remember right now are safebooru and scatboru.
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  • I tried the scatbooru, it works but a couple of time there was a connection error, perhaps is just temporal. Be sure to configure it as "old gelbooru".

    The other one is type gelbooru, and it works fine, or at least it worked fine when I tested it.

    Shimmie sites are the most problematic, there are many versions and some of them don't implement the endpoints required to get the metadata. Perhaps you tested some of these sites.

    Try disabling the filter when saving the server, usually improves a little compatibility.

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