Danbooru returns empty results (android, version 1.4.0)
  • https://danbooru.donmai.us and http://rb.booru.org return empty results (Default settings or my settings). It works through my browser. http://rule34.xxx and https://yande.re do work through the app. I tried reinstalling but it does not help. I can take screenshots if necessary.
    Redmi Note 4, 3 Gb Ram, 32 Gb Rom, Android 7.0
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  • Are you getting an error message?

    Danbooru seems to be working fine. When adding the site, be sure to configure the type as "Danbooru 2".

    The other one wasn't available at the moment I tried to access it. I'll try again later.

    Sometimes the server is just unavailable.
  • Ipad version shows an error 403 message while android app just says no results found.
    I think i've made a fool of myself - trying to visit https://danbooru.donmai.us from an ipad resulter in a reCaptcha prompt. It is strange that android browser manages to awoid it somehow.

    The problem is lack of reCaptcha support in the app. Could you please add it in the future updates?
  • I never seen a reCaptcha when entering danbooru. Perhaps is something new. On the other hand, we only open requests to the API, which doesn't really have an user interface. Is just the data, there shouldn't be a reCaptcha, or anything like that.

    Are you accessing internet from a school or office? I'm thinking that maybe a local firewall might be blocking the access to the site.

    Regardless, I'll look into it.
  • Danbooru is open source, all of it's on GitHub. Recaptcha is now a part of Danbooru, however this should not be why it's failing. It's more likely failing because there appears to have been some API changes lately, you can take a look at the source here: https://github.com/r888888888/danbooru
  • @VeryCrushed are you having the same issues? I'm sure is working fine on our released versions.

    Just be sure you are using the type "Danbooru 2" when adding the site.

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