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  • Is there a ways to get show only stuff you tag? Like the opposite of blacklisting you only see what you tag?
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  • I don't think I'm understanding the question correctly.

    Use a tag to search. For example: one_piece

    You can exclude results from the search using a "-" (minus) before the tag. For example: -one_piece

  • I’m sorry what I mean is instead of a blacklist tab there is something like a white list where all the tags you put in it will only show what on that list
  • OK, I see. Well, we don't have something like a white list. Honestly, never crossed my mind, but we will consider it.

    You could use the search history panel to quickly access a previous search. I know is not the same, but at least you won't need to write the same tags over a over again.

    On iOS and Android, tap on the Clock icon on the Search Screen. On iOS you can also swipe to left from the edge of the screen to slide in the Search History Panel.

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