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  • Hi,
    I've used Anime Boxes for a couple years it feels like now, and it has always bugged me that whenever I search a tag, it only shows purple or green tags in the suggestions. I'm assuming these are authors and relevant canonical tags. Is there a way to make it show white tags as well? Those are the tags that help me sort through and explore the booru's. Another great feature would be an 'add and remove multiple tags' bubble list.

    IF I'm being super honest, I'd rate Anime Boxes 3.5/5. I love this app but it could be more polished. (I would rate it 5 in the app store though!)
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  • Hi.

    I do agree the autocomplete search field could get some improvements to edit the tags.

    The autocomplete service is provided by us. This services only serve Artist, Copyright and Character Tags. We don't include the General tag (the white tags) on the service because it would make it too slow.

    The autocomplete also feeds from your search history, at least with that you can feed any general tags you may need.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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