Saving Favorites on Android [Solution?]
  • I think i found a way for us android users to save our favorites

    This was tested on my Google Pixel 32 GB (Verizon but warranty gave me a google model so i oem unlocked)

    testing was fairly minimal i didnt do a full restore of the phone but i deleted the app and all info pertaining to it (aside from the backup of course)

    Possible Solution #1 "adb Backup" / pulse / backup-restore-your-android-phone-using-adb-ajibola-okubanjo

    is a possible guide although the commands i used which worked after "adb devices"

    i did "adb backup -all"
    and then "adb restore backup.ab" backup.ab is just what it was called i guess because i didnt give it a name

    This solution worked for me but android phones come in a high variety

    Possible Solution #2 "Helium - App Sync and Backup"

    this is an app on the google playstore all you need is the free version

    i dont have a link for the helium setup process but i saw guides out there

    1. download helium on pc and phone
    2. activate helium
    3. choose anime boxes and hit backup and pick internal storage
    4. connect your phone to your pc if you disconnected it after activating helium
    5. choose file transfer and go to "my pc" in the file explorer
    6. i dont know if file names are different but i went to "/my pc/pixel/internal shared storage/carbon"
    7. copy "com.bisimplex.firebooru"
    8. paste the folder anywhere on your pc

    1. assuming your on a clean slate redownload and resetup helium since youll need it to restore
    2. connect your phone to the pc and go back into the file explorer where we just were
    *If the "carbon" folder doesnt exist just create it
    3. copy the "com.bisimplex.firebooru" folder from your pc and paste it into the carbon folder
    4. go into the helium app on your phone and go to restore
    5. restore from internal storage

    this option also worked for me but like i said android has lots of variety
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  • im sorry if this guide was sloppy or bad grammer or anything im not an avid typer and just really wanted to get this info out since i didnt see it anywhere else on these forums

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