Shimmie 2.6 Master issues
  • I'm running a private shimmie server and I'm not able to get any images to load on the app (no images found). I've got every possible API enabled (danbooru, shimmie json etc) and I'm not having any luck. Is there something I can do on my end?

    Edit: or could I get a bit of information on the app logic so I could attempt a plugin that would facilitate the interaction?
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  • Shimmie doesn't really have an API, when connecting to sites like this, anime boxes uses the RSS source that some shimmie sites have enabled.

    If you can't save the server with type as Shimmie 2, it means that the URL is probably is wrong or the RSS service is not enabled. The app adds "/rss/images" to the URL when looking for the RSS endpoint.

    If you type the url "", then the app will look for the RSS service at

    If you managed to save the server, then it means the RSS service should be running and the site accessible.

    If you get results, but every image fails to load, then the paths could be broken. Try opening the viewer and then open the info panel. Tap on the "i" button (or long tap on Android) over the Normal or Original image rows, and copy the URLs. Try these URLs using a browser.

    If you get always 0 results, even when you should get something, it could be something missing on the server or the RSS configuration. I have never installed a Shimmie site, so I can't tell you much about it.

    I hope something of this helps.

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