Option to view Normal images but download Original images? (Android, Most Recent Update)
  • I'm not sure if it's a bug, or if the feature isn't implemented and I'm misunderstanding the settings, but is there a way to display the normal (scaled down) images while viewing, and then to press the download button to save the original (high quality) images? I've checked the box in the settings to "Limit image size for large images" but it still always displays the original images, even when they are very large. I see there's an option below it to specify which image to download, and selecting "Download normal image" it will display the scaled down image while viewing, but will then ALSO download the scaled down image when saving, as opposed to the original high quality image.

    Does the "Limit image size for large images" option work, or does it just have a really high threshold before it scales down the image? I notice that some very large images won't display in full screen mode when selected if I'm using the original images option, but when I switch to normal images using the tool bar on the right they display just fine, albeit the smaller resolution.
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  • It "downloads" only when the image is fully loaded on your app, it doesn't download from a separate instance. That is, the "download" phase IS the image load to view in the app, and the option to save corresponds for the image quality level you are currently viewing. Which means that your situation isn't a bug, just not implemented the way you want it. I'm sure it will get implemented when the admin ever releases the bulk download feature.
  • As @Konpon is explaining, the "Save" button will just save the file you are viewing right now. So, if you are viewing the normal image, but you want to save the original:

    -Open the info panel (press the "i" button)
    -Tap on "Original" ("Original image" on Android)
    -The app will immediately start to download the original version
    -After the download is finished, press the save button

    By default, the app will always try to download the Normal image, but you can force it to always download the original image on the settings. But is really better is you switch manually to the original image when needed.

    On both versions, even is the quality is a little low on screen, the app will save the bytes to disk as it was downloaded, so there is no quality loss when saving the file.

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