Customized Slideshow Times
  • Is it possible to make it so the time between each picture can be customized?
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  • It kind of last 10-12 seconds per slide. That may be a bit long, but I guess it does help give a space for each image to load. That said, some of us do have quick connections while others don't have any patience at all. So, adding a slider timer configuration is probably something should be, or probably is in the cards. Next to a selection tool for the batch downloader and a way to configure the autonamer for images.
  • Ok, we will look into this.

    Right now, the viewer waits 10 seconds for static posts. For animated gifs it waits until the second cycle is done, and for videos it waits until the video is completed.

    The time starts counting until the the post is fully loaded, so if the post is still loading, the wait will be longer.

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