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  • I realized that searching a mixture of certain tags in is crashing the app. I have tries with various tags and it's random on when it crashes. I don't know if its just me or if it happens to everyone. I have an iPhone 4 CDMA iOS 6.1.3. I have also tried re-installing the app and it didn't help.
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  • I couldn't found any useful information in our error logs. Are you using it as a "Danbooru 2" site or are you using the legacy API? Could you provide an example search?

    Does it happens when loading a new page of thumbnails, or while scrolling/viewing?

    If it happens while searching it could be an error while parsing the data.

    If it happens while scrolling the thumbnails list it could be something like a memory exhaustion. We noticed that the app become very unstable when the device is very low on disk space (around 500-700 MB of free space), in this case, it may crash randomly. If this is the case, try disabling the Disk cache on the settings.
  • It happens when I try searching. The loading wheel keeps turning and the app will crash. I am using Danbooru 2 as meant to be. I have found a search that never ceases to fail upon hitting "Done". It's reisen_udongein_inaba yuri -konpaku_youmu . I have cleared my cache and everything and it still happens.
  • We finally found the problem. Unfortunately this problem will require an update, so you will have to wait a little, sorry. This problem can occur when parsing metadata of an flash animation.

    A similar problem can occur on sites running gelbooru 0.1.11.

    We also found that the parser for Danbooru 2 sites isn't taking in count your black listed tags. Everything will be fixed on the next release.
  • I do not know if it is the same problem, but I am having crashes on . It appears to be a problem with WEBM videos. If a search or browse has a WebM, it closes the App.
    (iPad Air 2, 8.1.2)
  • i just confirmed this @waternova, we are going to fix this for the next release. In the meantime, it appears you could use the tag blacklist to avoid this posts.

    We are also testing a solution to include support for webm files on the iOS version.
  • I've noticed another seemingly repeatable crash with the information panel on the right. if a post lacks source information it will crash if you open that panel on the post screen. it will not crash if you do so in favorites, where it will be displayed as "null". I am getting occasional general crashes flipping between posts and think this might be causing that as well, but as far as verifiability goes this is the only one I can confirm. This is on e621.

    edit: just tested and it doesn't look like this is a problem on gelbooru, it's just blank

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