Anime boxes for android
  • Anime boxes is finally available to download for Android devices. You can download it here.

    This version of anime boxes is based on the version 1.2 of iOs, and it's missing some features (like notes and pools) but we will add them on future updates.

    It includes:
    -Support for gelbooru, danbooru 1 and 2
    -Search history
    -Support for animated gifs
    -Sharing and saving
    -Tag blacklist
    -Works with phones and tablets

    You will require a device with ICS (Android 4.0) and it's recommended at least 1GB of RAM.

    We are also working on an update of the iOS version (v1.2.2) which will include a few bug fixes and some features requested here in the forum. We are planning to release this update on mid-august.

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