Anime boxes was removed from the Google Play Store [Updated]
  • Anime boxes was removed today from the Google Play Store due to inappropriate content. This took us by surprise since the default server doesn't really show inappropriate content (even for the App Store's strict standards).

    We don't really know exactly which part, image o search result it's the faulty, since we only received a pretty generic email from Google without many details.

    We can make an appeal, but before that, I'm going to discuss our options with rest of the team members. There is a chance that we may not be able to publish the app again.

    I'll update this post once we decide what to do.

    [UPDATE 1] 05/09/2014
    See my reply below
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  • If the app is removed from the store...does the app for those who already have it stop working?
  • No, it should be working fine
  • Just confirming that the app does work as normal for anyone who had it downloaded before it was removed.
  • Will the app still check the license properly if reinstalled?
  • i haf the most updated version beforr they removed app from play store. i had to delete things and redownload. now im syuck with an old outdated version of anime boxes. it doesnt even half work right and i paid money on this app too. so pls if u can get back into any store with an update pls do so. ill download from any store. it doesnt have to be google play. pls help
  • Couldn't they host an apk on the site?
  • @kado probably it won't, but I'm not entirely sure, I couldn't any information about it.

    Because this problem was unexpected, it may take a few weeks until we find a solution. We appreciate your patience in this matter.
  • I don't believe it...and your app was nearly perfect :( it was the best Booru client out there. Google may as well block all browsers including Chrome to make sure that any access to inappropriate content.
  • Just like TheAiurLife said, could you post the free version of the APK on your home page instead?
  • Is there a place for us to voice how we feel about this to google?
  • As our first attempt to solve this issue, we decided to mount our own booru and set this booru as the default server. It will contain pics that won't break any of the Play Store rules. We may have to make a few other adjustments to the app, but overall this should be enough.

    According to the documentation, we can upload this new version as an update, rather than a new app, which is the most desirable, but we have to confirm this first.

    We already got the site running with a few pics. The number of pics will be very limited, since we don't really have that much space in our server, but it should be enough to showcase the capabilities of the app. If you want gelbooru again, all you have to do is set up the server yourself.

    We are also considering launching the app on the Amazon Appstore. Hosting the app ourselves it's another possible solution, but we develop the app based on the interest on the app, so we really need the exposition we get from the Play Store, that why hosting the apk it's the last solution we are going to try.

    We are going to try to upload again the app on the next couple of weeks, stay tuned.
  • Thanks for the update!
  • Sounds like good news. The Amazon app store sounds like another good place to go to too. There are many people who use the Kindle tablet, not to mention all the talk about an
  • There's been a little change of plans. We decided to release first on the Amazon AppStore instead of trying again on the Play Store, you can read the details here:

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