v1.5.4 for iOS and v.1.3.6 for Android are now available to download
  • v1.3.5 - v1.3.6 for Android is now available. This update includes:

    * Bug fixes
    * You can now select a different path to save content on Android +5, including external SD cards.
    * v1.3.6 includes search on your favourites using tags.

    v1.5.3 - v1.5.4 for iOS includes:

    * Bug fixes and optimisations
    * The autocomplete now works as an Keyboard accessory and includes a button to write an underscore ( _ ).
    * The info panel now looks a little different.
    * v1.5.4 includes more fixes

    As usual, you can find the download links on our website http://animebox.es
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  • YYYYEEEESSS! Thanks for the update. Been waiting for the favorite search for a long time
  • Danbooru loli tag does not work images in black
  • What is new in 1.3.8? I cant find the changelog.
  • On v1.3.8 we included a fix for the menu, it wasn't being updated after selecting a different type of server. We also updated libraries.

    The update should be available on the Amazon Store on the next couple of days.

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