Some useful features that you might add in future updates
  • Hello, I discovered this handy app yesterday, I bought the PRO because it really deserved it, but there are some unique yet useful features that are still missing, and I hope (if they're possible at coding level) to see them in future updates.

    - Multiple server search: what I mean is, basically some on-off switch that allows the app to search on multiple servers at once, maybe selecting several servers from the server list and sending the request to all the selected servers at the same time displaying the results.
    That might be useful to mix results from similar sites such as Gelbooru or Danbooru with a single search.

    - Pictures and Videos filter: an option via seach filters to only show pictures or only show videos or show both in the results, with "videos" I also mean animated gifs, of course.

    - Support for other types, such as Furaffinity or Inkbunny, with login of course, might also be a good idea to spread wider the support on this app.

    Basically this, the multiple servers search might be a very useful feature if you manage to implement it well, guys.
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  • I would love a picture and video filter. Great ideas
  • Bulk download has been asked for, I dunno since when. But I hope that's the next priority, on top of a toggle im settings (and/or the top right button bar) for an auto-hide for the video time bar for such files. And yeah, file type filter options would also be nice. Like, detecting what are png, bmp, jpeg, gif, webm, mp4, etc. And focus searching for those file types, after the tag parameters are written. And I feel that can easily be controlled app-side.

    I will say that cross-server searching has its share of problems, and would understand that it might not come before all other suggestions. But most sites do have several special tags that won't work, despite using gelbooru and similar. And I have encountered those before. That said, it would be nice, yes.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. A few notes about this:

    - Multi server search is a little difficult and require lots of changes across the Apps, but we are moving slowly towards this end. It may be possible in the future.

    - I'll take a look at those sites you mention, to see if this possible to add support for them. Someone already requested derpibooru, which we also are gonna check soon. This is going to take a while, right now we are working on something else.

    The biggest challenge to implement sites that aren't Danbooru based are related to the Tag System. If these sites don't use a similar tag system, is very likely we won't be able to add support for them. There are other problem, but those are smaller.

    -I'm not sure about the filter of videos or animated files. Is better if you just search for a particular tag. You can try searching for "video", "webm", "mp4", "animated_gif" or just "animated". This should be return animated files, or use "-animated" to exclude them. Tags vary a lot between sites, so rules may vary. I don't like the idea of discarding results on the client side either.

    -Mass download is in development, though we are still unsure how to implement it. We have been testing a few options since last week. Personally, I don't like this, I'm already seeing a few troubles, and it feels like is beyond scope.

    -We tried adding cloud support through Dropbox, hopping that would be an platform independent solution. It was very expensive to develop, and soon after we publish it (iOS version only), Dropbox killed the service. It was a complete fiasco.

    Cloud support isn't that easy to implement, but we may consider to add it again. For now we added manual backup/restore to the iOS version. The Android version will have it soon too, but we already started with the mass download feature, so that's coming first.

    Also the latest version for Android has some issues, so the next update is just maintenance.
  • And another interesting idea (if it isn't already present, as I haven't tested this one yet to be honest) I just had, would be iCloud/Google support to save the server list and have it back when you reinstall the app with the same iCloud/Google account on another device or after you for example format.
  • Any way to add a third option to turn off prefetch?
  • @Konpon we will try to add it on the next update. It should be easy.

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