v1.4.0 on Android is now Available to Download
  • v1.4.0 includes:

    -A fix for the crash on Android Oreo
    -Added new option "Reload Metadata" on the viewer.
    -Other bug fixes

    Get it here: http://www.animebox.es

    The "Reload Metadata" option will allow you to reload the Metadata of a single Favorite. This option, basically can update the data of your favorite saved on the local storage. For example, if you find a favorite that no longer loads, try using this option, it may help.

    This option is only visible when the visible post is a Favorite.

    This update also attempts to fix the crash on Android Oreo, let me know if is still crashing.

    (Note: The Reload Metadata option already exist on the iOS version, and both work the same)
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  • Is there any news as far as the Amazon situation?
  • @Anime1711

    Yes, yesterday we regained access to our account. We will try to upload an update to the Amazon AppStore on the next few days. I'm hopping there won't be any more issues.

  • Images are either loading up EXTREMELY slow or not loading at all on all boorus. I'm on android 5.0
  • Still having issues with Amazon?
  • @Anime1711 yes, we are still having issues with amazon. We have access to our account, but we are not allowed to upload an update for review yet.

    Apparently they are reviewing something, it's been more than a week though. We will wait a few more day before asking support again about it.
  • If it helps.. On the page for the app in Amazon where it would normally say open / install / or uninstall... It's sais this app is not available in your region... Which I've never had a problem with before.
  • Did that android update ever come through for the Amazon store?

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