Webm’s not playing (iPhone 8plus)
  • I just upgraded my phone from a 6s to an 8plus. On the 6s, I never had an issue playing webm’s in the app. But on my new phone, a majority of webm’s will just load a black screen but the audio will still play. I tried redownloading the app to avail. Any idea as to how I can fix this?
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  • I have seen it too, on my iphone 5.
    Its an random bug i think, since not all videos have it, but most.

    The videos are playing, but with the bug. They play in tiny size, which is: 1 x 1 pixel big.
    Hopefully they can fix it later.
    Since in the source url. The video size is normal & not tiny.
  • This error can happen when the app can't determine the size of the video. Supposedly we fixed this a while ago, but if it's still a thing we will look into it again.

    Currently, the app use the size on metadata returned by the API. If this value is not present (mostly on shimmie sites), then it should fallback to the size obtained from the metadata of the video file.

    If is random, maybe we need sync parts of the process, or maybe the iOS version is affecting somehow.
  • Seen it sometimes happen on rule34. Which is shimmie i think.

    Not always, but a lot.
  • @MysticWizard thanks for mention it, I'll try to reproduce the problem on our development version.
  • So we reviewed this. Apparently the Shimmie site mentioned is actually returning 1x1 for the size, so the App thinks this is the real size. Is very easy to reproduce too, almost any video has the same problem.

    The app always gives priority to the size returned by the API, which triggers the issue.

    For the next update, the iOS app will consider the 1x1 and 0x0 as invalid sizes, and fallback to try to obtain the size from the video metadata.

    We still have to check the Android app, but if is same problem we will patch it as well.

    There is still one problem though. @Hellothere66 mentioned this started to happen when changed to a new device. But if is really the same problem, it should happen always, regardless of the device or iOS version.

    We will keep looking, but not for long, we really need to upload the update soon.

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