V1.4.2 for Android and v1.6.1 for iOS are available to download
  • V1.6 and 1.6.1 for iOS includes:
    -Support for iPhone X and iOS 11
    -Changes to the UI
    -Improved performances
    -Improved support for Video
    -Changed how the app handles videos with audio.
    -[v1.6.1] Fix for iOS 9 and 10

    V1.4.1 and v1.4.2 for Android includes:
    -Added a new basic Download All feature. You can now add every post on the list to the Download Manager.
    -Added new option to disable prefetch on the viewer [Settings > Prefetch > Disabled]
    -Added new option to Backup and restore your data to a file. You can backup you favorites and servers to a file, and restore on another device.
    -Fixed a possible issue with the “Reload” function for favorites.
    -Fixed an issue with the slideshow mode.
    -Some other bug fixes
    -[v1.4.2]Fixed a problem we introduced on v1.4.1. It was not possible to pick the save location on the settings.

    You can finally backup your data to file on the Android App. It became very difficult to implement due certain difference with the iOS version. You need Android +5 to use this feature.

    When making a backup, app will request a folder to save the file. When restoring, just pick the file. App will give you a preview when restoring your data. Also, when restoring, app will try to avoid duplicating elements, and it wont delete the current data, it will just merge the content from the file.

    The download all feature just download whatever is on the grid of posts. App actually uses the “Downloads” included on Android, you can check the progress on the notifications. The feature is still pretty basic, we will try to improve it on future updates.

    Get the latest version on our website:


    We are going to try again to update the Amazon version next week.

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  • I would recommend the admin to start a discord/matrix for this community.
    That would make things more interactive and fast-paced.
  • I must say that e621 has issues showing videos in the app. They all appear as image. That is, the thumbnail of the videos are what load in the app, not the video file itself.
  • @Konpon you are right. Is little weird, the Info panel also says is jpg, but the URL to the file is a webm.

    This is only on the Android version, on iOS version the app does download the webm video, even when the info panel says the file is a jpg.

    We will investigate the issue and fix it for the next update.
  • @Admin I noticed how the quirk works. It might stem from how the download quality options might work in the app, because when I put it on original quality, the videos are loaded. But when set to normal, is when the problem happens again. The setting works from the settings in the sidebar menu, but not from the toggle in the tags list of the menu. In fact, the toggles in the tags list read as if the file is still a jpeg. I believe this is where the true problem lies.
  • The download all funktionen is great, but you can't use it with your favorites. It would be great if this feature can be accessed in the favorites tab.
  • I love the mass download feature and how it saves them in folders named after the tags, but the fact that it doesn't check for preexisting files makes updating a data-consuming nightmare. Android downloads automatically appends -# if it already exists. Would you consider implementing this as an option in Settings?
    I don't expect it to handle instances where there are two or more folders like tag1_tag2 and tag2_tag1 and tag1_tag2_tag3, etc. Just single tags.
  • I must say, what wabbajack2718 is probably of high priority to fix. Images that do not get replaced based on source and every tag it has will only bloat a collection with duplicates.
  • Finding out that I had 3+ GB of duplicates wasn't great. Could the webm issue be tackled by checking the address range 0x1F-0x22, where the string "webm" is stored? It definitely has the wrong file if that is missing.
  • I've been thinking about what @Donnie has said for nearly a month. I have to agree. I vote Discord.
  • @wabbajack2718 well we need a few things.
    1. A forum where we can get instant feedback e.g. Telegram, Discord, Matrix/Riot
    2. The source code (if animebox.es is not meant to be pay-to-play)
    3. Suggestions on ways which we can enhance the user experience
  • @Donnie @wabbajack2718 This project in general has been a slow burn (I remember finding out about it something like 4 years ago now). Development has been slow, and I think it's going to stay that way unless more people pick up the project and work on it on their own time. If you want to make a Discord though, please send me a link, I'd be happy to join in.

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