derpibooru no API setting working
  • derpibooru none of the API settings work on the site they say they have built their API from the ground up
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  • After a quick look, the API seems to be very different from the typical danbooru. We will investigate the possibility of adding support for this site.
  • Sorry, we were looking into other more pressing issues. I'm planning to review this for this next, or update after the next one.
  • awww no support in 1.4.0 hopefully soon
  • don't worry just take your time people make things better when they enjoy what they do so please enjoy yourself(s)
  • this might help you with the derpibooru api
  • I hope that one day, AnimeBoxes will support both WildCritters and Derpibooru...
  • Unfortunately, derpibooru isn't working yet on AnimeBoxes and WildCritters looks dead or perhaps it changed URL...
  • We have this server working with some problems.

    The problem with this site is the Tag system, is very different from the typical Danbooru or Gelbooru.

    Tags on this site work like this: this is tag, another tag here

    Meanwhile, tags on Danbooru are like this: this_is_a_tag another_tag a_third_tag

    Tags on danbooru use a _ instead of empty space, and a list of tags is separated by a empty spaces. Tags on this site, are separated by commas.

    We can force part of the app to work around this, but everything related to local storage is expecting a string of tags like on danbooru.

    We are going to release a update with support for this site, but only for Android, and these features won't work:

    -Recently viewed
    -Backup to file (The server also won't be saved to the backup)

    We also won't include support for login credentials.

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